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How mindfulness and gratitude change your brain

Veranda Wins Another Customer Experience Award

It’s easy for us to say that Veranda of Pensacola offers seniors an elegant, active lifestyle. Still, when we’re officially recognized for doing[…]

What is the difference between assisted living and nursing homes?

As you’re considering senior living opportunities, it’s important to understand the distinctions among the various residential and care levels. That[…]

5 Myths About Assisted Living

Assisted living allows seniors to prolong their active independence by providing needed help with certain aspects of daily living. It might be just[…]

How to maintain your friendships after moving into senior living

If you were a Girl Scout, you learned a song that advised, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

5 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Being around animals is good for you, especially if you’re a senior. Furry companions alleviate feelings of isolation, and spending time with them[…]

Easy-to-care-for plants to brighten up your space

One of the great things about independent or assisted living in a community like Veranda of Pensacola is that your residential space is all yours.[…]

Summer travel tips for seniors

Finally, we get to travel again. Despite high gas prices, 60% of Americans expect to take at least one trip this summer. That includes seniors o are[…]

Facts and Myths about Caring for Your Memory

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about caring for your memory. About 6 million Americans are afflicted with either Alzheimer’s disease or a[…]

Protecting Seniors from the Heat

Elderly must protect themselves from heat BY MICHELE TASSIN, MHA, BSRC