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Healthy hobbies that help you age well

We all want to age well. We want to live longer lives. But also lives that are fuller, more engaged, more exciting, and especially, healthier. The[…]

How to Prepare for the Flu Season

We are in the throes of the cold and flu season, and protecting yourself from the flu is a solid plan to stay healthy this winter. Aside from the[…]

VA Benefits for Veterans Looking for Senior Living Facilities

No one understands sacrifice and service more than our nation’s Veterans and their families. Thankfully, our Nation provides some extensive benefits[…]

How Living In a Senior Community Can Help You Enjoy Retirement

We work seemingly our entire lives to “earn” retirement. So it’s only natural to want to enjoy every single minute of it! Although everyone’s idea of[…]

Pet Therapy in Senior Living Communities

Mental health in seniors is a critical topic of importance. Loneliness and depression are associated with an increased risk of chronic disease and[…]

Price vs Value When Choosing a Senior Living Community

Cost is a major factor for most seniors and their families when choosing a senior living community. After all, it’s important to choose carefully for[…]

Helpful tips in combating loneliness in seniors

Loneliness and social isolation have been linked to major health problems for seniors. While impacting a range of health issues, most critically,[…]

Choosing a Senior Living Community That’s Right For You

You’ve done your research and are ready to start contemplating which senior living community is best for you or your loved one - congratulations![…]

What are the benefits of choosing a full-service retirement community?

Now more than ever, you have a range of choices for retirement living. In fact, choosing from all the communities and options available can be[…]

Tips to make downsizing less stressful

We accumulate a LOT of stuff over the course of our lives. In fact, research shows that the average American home has 300,000 items! And that number[…]