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Choosing a Senior Living Community That’s Right For You

You’ve done your research and are ready to start contemplating which senior living community is best for you or your loved one - congratulations![…]

What are the benefits of choosing a full-service retirement community?

Now more than ever, you have a range of choices for retirement living. In fact, choosing from all the communities and options available can be[…]

Tips to make downsizing less stressful

We accumulate a LOT of stuff over the course of our lives. In fact, research shows that the average American home has 300,000 items! And that[…]

What's it like for seniors in an independent living community?

Most seniors consider an independent living community at one point or another during their retirement years, and many decide to make the move.[…]

Why Seniors Should Play Brain Games

Brain health can be significantly impacted by changes that arise naturally as we age, putting seniors at higher risk for memory and other[…]

Why Choose Senior Living Now?

Although this topic - choosing senior living at the right time - has been relevant and important for many years, it feels even more pressing in[…]

Veranda Residents Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

The Veranda of Pensacola is pleased to share that our residents recently received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Veranda of Pensacola Receives 2021 Pinnacle Customer Experience Award

  Veranda of Pensacola is honored to be the recipient of Pinnacle’s 2021 Customer Experience AwardTM!

Preventing Falls

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for Americans aged 65+. These falls can lead to serious injuries, including fractures,[…]

Getty Museum Challenge!

While many companies and businesses have unfortunately had to close temporarily to minimize the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), more and[…]