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5 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

Being around animals is good for you, especially if you’re a senior. Furry companions alleviate feelings of isolation, and spending time with them[…]

Easy-to-care-for plants to brighten up your space

One of the great things about independent or assisted living in a community like Veranda of Pensacola is that your residential space is all yours.[…]

Summer travel tips for seniors

Finally, we get to travel again. Despite high gas prices, 60% of Americans expect to take at least one trip this summer. That includes seniors o are[…]

Facts and Myths about Caring for Your Memory

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about caring for your memory. About 6 million Americans are afflicted with either Alzheimer’s disease or a[…]

Protecting Seniors from the Heat

Elderly must protect themselves from heat BY MICHELE TASSIN, MHA, BSRC

Questions to ask during a senior care assessment

Choosing the right senior care community for you or a loved one is an extremely important decision. Putting in your due diligence is essential to get[…]

How quality care services empower older adults

Many of us have additional needs as we get older. Some are due to health conditions, while others arise due to the natural course of aging. The[…]

Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Good nutrition gives you energy. It helps you stay at a healthy weight. It keeps your body moving like it should. And it can help keep diseases at[…]

What does a typical day in assisted living look like?

Life in assisted living isn’t much like life in a house. Or life in a typical apartment. That’s because a typical day in assisted living (like a day[…]

Healthy hobbies that help you age well

We all want to age well. We want to live longer lives. But also lives that are fuller, more engaged, more exciting, and especially, healthier. The[…]