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Many of us have additional needs as we get older. Some are due to health conditions, while others arise due to the natural course of aging. The reason, though, is unimportant. What is important, though, is for older adults to have easy access to care services. When that happens, quality care services actually empower older adults to live their best lives. 


What does it mean to “empower” older adults? 

The notion of “empowering older adults” can be interpreted  in different ways. That’s because everyone’s definition of happiness and fulfillment are different. Amongst those unique perspectives, though, are some very common themes. Let’s dig into some of the most common themes we come across when talking to Veranda of Pensacola residents.

Here are some of the most powerful ways quality care services empower older adults: 


They help keep loneliness at bay

Loneliness is an extremely serious problem for older adults. In fact, loneliness can lead to or exacerbate a host of health problems. It can even lead to premature death. 

Quality care services in a senior living community can play a powerful role in combating loneliness. With one on one care services provided for assisted living residents, plus ample opportunity to engage in activities, daily trips, exercise, and more, our residents live full and engaged lives that ensure their needs are met. They stay active with old friends and make plenty of new friends, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


They keep older adults safe in their homes

There are about 36 million falls reported in older adults each year that result in more than 32,000 deaths. Many more hospitalizations and long-term health troubles can result from seemingly innocent falls. And minor home repairs, or poorly-designed homes that can’t quite meet the needs of older adults are often at least a partial culprit.

For residents of Veranda of Pensacola, our residences are designed for safe, comfortable senior living. Maintenance is provided by our community, plus housekeeping services, and even personal laundry. Many of the laborious tasks that put seniors at risk are taken care of by our caring and trusted staff. This keeps older adults safer and happier by significantly lowering risk and removing the stress and burden of having to take care of so many tasks around the house!


They provide peace of mind for residents and their families

Between the risk of falls or other injuries noted above, or simply worries about having medical needs or requiring other care, older adults and their families tend to worry a bit. It’s totally understandable to worry about safety and happiness for you or your loved ones!

Here at Veranda of Pensacola, everything in our community is designed around empowering older adults to live their lives with more freedom, more fun, and less worry. From our 24/7 care staff that’s ready to meet your needs whenever they may arise, to healthy meals, safe residences, fun activities, and extra help when you may need it – from medication management and help dressing to bathing, toileting, and grooming assistance (and more) – we are here for our residents. And we frequently hear from them and their families that joining our community has provided incredible peace of mind. We are very proud to help our residents in their families in every way possible, and especially to help ease any worries they may have or have had in the past. 


Discover for yourself how life at Veranda of Pensacola empowers our residents.

We would love for you to stop by and take a tour of our incredible community. Talk to our residents, engage in a few activities, enjoy a delicious meal, and see for yourself just how much Veranda of Pensacola can help empower you to live your best retirement life. We have multiple levels of care to ensure your needs are met. Contact us today to schedule a tour. 

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