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We all want to age well. We want to live longer lives. But also lives that are fuller, more engaged, more exciting, and especially, healthier. The notion of aging well has a few different connotations. For most people, though, and for the purposes of this resource, let’s talk about aging well, meaning how you feel. When it comes to feeling your best, engaging in healthy hobbies can play a significant role in helping you age well. 

Some of the healthiest hobbies to help you age well and have fun

Aging well, feeling your best, staying healthy – none of these mean being bored or trudging through activities that you don’t find fun. In fact, living your best life means investing your time and energy into the healthy hobbies that you find most rewarding! 

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite healthy hobbies that help you age well, and have fun doing it:


Any sort of physical activity

One of the absolute best hobbies to help you age well and live your best retirement life is one that’s centered around physical activity. Depending on your interests, physical abilities, and resources, that may mean a daily walk outside (which can be physically and mentally beneficial!). It could mean hitting the golf course or putting green. Meeting a friend for some badminton. Or running a 5k. 


There are endless possibilities, as long as you take into consideration any physical limitations. And if you try a new physical activity but find that you don’t like it very much, there are so many opportunities to try something else! Here at Veranda of Pensacola, we offer and support a range of physical activities, from yoga and water aerobics classes, to our fitness center, walking paths, and putting green (and more). You can explore, try, test, and embrace your favorite physical activities without ever leaving (y)our community.



Cooking, and especially trying new cuisines, is an excellent way to stay healthy, keep yourself young, and age well. Of course, healthy cooking is the best option. But trying new cuisines naturally lends itself to healthier eating. Whether it’s reinvigorating old favorites, or branching into an entirely new cuisine, indulging your love of cooking is a great way to stay healthy.

And, eating a range of foods has been shown to promote especially good health. So whether it’s trying turmeric (and reaping its anti-inflammatory properties) in a new Indian dish, adding crushed red pepper (which can increase metabolism) in a new Italian dish, or making some empanadas loaded with veggies, feel free to go all-in on your cooking hobby - it’s a great way to promote aging well!


Puzzles & Games

Putting together a puzzle is so satisfying, isn’t it? This is a popular hobby for many adults, and is especially popular among many of our residents. As an added bonus, putting together puzzles, playing games, doing crosswords, and other “activities for the mind,” can help stave off cognitive decline associated with increased age. 

That’s right, playing games keeps you sharp and young, and helps keep you on your toes as you get older.



We can all attest to the power of music. Whether it’s listening to songs on headphones, singing along to the radio, or going to a concert, nearly all of us have a bunch of stories of how music positively impacted our lives.

For seniors, music can be a powerful tool in aging well. It increases socialization – heading to a concert or singing some tunes is always more fun with company! Singing songs helps with recollection and brain health. Dancing to music is excellent for physical health, including cardiovascular and bone health. And more. Whether engaging in formal music therapy or simply enjoying music as a hobby, the benefits are plenty.


Explore new hobbies and embrace old ones as you age well at Veranda of Pensacola.

Life at Veranda of Pensacola includes lots of opportunities to engage in your favorite hobbies, with so many opportunities to learn, explore, and pursue new ones. Our team carefully designs our activities and amenities to help you age well and live your best retirement life. To learn more about life at Veranda, contact our team today.

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