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You’ve done your research and are ready to start contemplating which senior living community is best for you or your loved one - congratulations! Choosing a senior living community that’s right for you has such a powerful impact on your quality of life, so asking the right questions and considering the right factors is essential.


What should you consider when choosing a senior living community that’s right for you?

To help you make the best possible senior living community decision (for you or a loved one), here are some factors you may want to consider: 



You may already know of some senior living communities in your preferred neighborhood, simply by driving around. Of course, you’ll want to get a full idea of the options available to you in your preferred neighborhood before you start scheduling tours. 

Important factors relative to location may include, family nearby, shopping or preferred activities, crime, and more -- whatever’s important to you! Conducting a simple Google search can help you find a senior living community (or more) in your desired location. Simply type ”senior living community in [YOUR DESIRED LOCATION].” 

Once you’ve identified one or more neighborhoods/areas, be sure to leverage your network. We all know a friend or family member who either lives in a senior living community or knows someone. Asking for referrals - by phone or on social media - can be a great way to build a short list of possible senior living communities to consider.



While reviews don’t always paint the entire picture, they can be very helpful when building an initial list of senior living communities to choose from during your search. Besides asking your network as described above, reading Google, Yelp, and/or Facebook reviews can provide more insight into what life is like at any senior living community you’re considering. 

Reading reviews can be an early way of building your list, or you can take this step later when choosing a senior living community, using reviews to narrow down the list of what may be right for you. 



Cost is going to be a major factor for many people when choosing the right senior living community. We share an exercise for determining your ideal budget range for senior living in this resource, or you may already have a budget in mind. Either way, it’s important to have a clear idea of the amount you want or can afford to spend on senior living. 

In many instances, senior living can actually cost less than homeownership, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a clear idea of budget before you start visiting senior living communities. Otherwise, you risk falling in love with a specific senior living community, only to later find out it’s not within your budget.


Long-Term Options

Our needs change as we get older, and while your health may be excellent at the moment (and of course, we wish you continued good health for many more years!), many residents here at Veranda of Pensacola take comfort in knowing that if and when their needs change, there are other care options as a resident here. 

At our community, we are proud to offer both independent living and assisted living options to ensure all of our residents can take advantage of our robust amenities and quality level of care for as long as possible.


Need help choosing a senior living community that’s right for you? 

Here at Veranda of Pensacola, we want to help you discover all that our community has to offer, so that you spend your best years in the right place. To learn more about life at Veranda or to schedule a tour, contact our team today.

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